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I've been doing some talks recently about the new technology and I thought I'd put my money where my mouth is and start up a blog to try and influence public perception through public information.

This blog is inspired by a technorati search I did for members of the BPAA (Book Publishers of Alberta) executive. I came across this post about press release that yet another Alberta publisher had been bought up by out-of-province interests.

What struck me about the post was that it had never really occured to me that it was possible to think that public funding of the arts was a bad thing. I saw "Trying" by Joanna Glass a few weekends ago and the character of Chief Justice Biddle quotes numerous passages basically saying that it is through the arts that history is studied and remembered.

 Unfortunately the arts don't pay.

So we can do without them, substitute them with "Three's Company" or "The Apprentice" or we can subsidize them. I make my livelihood through publishing books and I don't recieve any public funding so I produce what sells. Not what needs to be said, not what I think should be said and definitely not anything that would hurt my bosses business. 

And at the end of the day, if I couldn't write off part of my expenses as a "promotion" for the main business none of us would have a full-time job. Imagine what its like for the guy that writes poetry or fiction or even the guy who published that cool book about castles. There are no margins in any of the arts and they survive at the mercy of the public funding. No amount of tax breaks will solve the problem that it costs more to create art than people will ever be willing to spend.

So now I have a forum…


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